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The Dark Room

Christians love being in God’s presence. It energizes us and helps us to love Him even more. But what happens when God sometimes seems far away? What if we haven’t done anything to push Him away?

The In-Between

Sometimes going from Point A to Point B is tough. But God is not just concerned in getting us there. He also wants to shape our hearts and minds to be more like Him. So when we are in the in-between, don’t give up hope!

Having Faith after Failure

What does God do when we fail? Peter failed Jesus even when Jesus told him he would. But the way Jesus handles Peter’s failure is an example of how He handles our failures. We often quit and go back to what we were doing before, but Jesus’ love for us never changes.

Revival or Recession

True revival in a city starts with us. Our attitude is the beginning of personal revival and ultimately revival in a city. We must choose to to either stay with the status quo, or believe God for amazing things. The choice is up to you.

One More Night With The Frogs

Sometimes in our lives we know that something needs to change to bring us closer to Christ, but pride and arrogance causes us to continue to put it off. God is wanting more of Him in our lives, but we want to spend one more night with the frogs.

Can They Live?

Sometimes it’s tough to believe that the Lord is going to do something big in our city. it can seem like a dead situation. But the Lord is asking us the same thing He asked Ezekiel when he was shown a valley of dry bones: Can they live?

11 Days

It only takes 11 days to go from the Red Sea to the Promised Land on foot. So why did it take Israel 40 years to get there? Hear why God might be leading us around the same things over and over until we begin to respond differently and break the pattern.